Investments, Sponsorship & Patronage by 
WAIDHOFER Group & Family Waidhofer       

We invest sustainably. Into the future.
Even without a ROI. [Return On Investment]

What do we mean by Investment, Sponsorship & Patronage:

  • We invest part of our assets now in order to get something more valuable in return later.

  • Sponsorship always includes a service and a consideration.

  • Our Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid. Our Art patronage refers to the support provided to artists such as musicans, painters and sculptors.

WAIDHOFER Sponsorship Areas and Services


Successful sports sponsorship requieres professionalism
 from both, the athlete and the sponsor.

Art & Artists

Successful patronage or investment in art or astists requires
 experience,  passion and deep knowledge of the field.


In order to ultimately be successful with charity in an effcient and
 targeted manner, you must recognize the true suffering.

Education & Training

Education and training are an essential part of victory and defeat in life.
However, both require significant resources.

Disruptive Projects

In order to stand out from the crowd, to set benchmarks and pioneering
achievements, you need disruptive projects.

R&D [Research & Development]

Without research and development, the crowd remains 
trial and error.

Hall of fame of Waidhofer´s Sport Sponsoring

Nowhere are victory and defeat as close together as in sport. The victory shows a successful interplay of human performance, equipment, planning, strategy, training and know-how. 

In the end, a win is not automatically a success.  - To be successful, you need more than just a win. 

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."
Aristotle (384  - 322 v. Chr.)

"A significant part of successful sponsorship or management requires the ability to recognize potential."

 Richard Waidhofer, Founder of WAIDHOFER Group

Carolina Waidhofer-Dummer | Alpine Skiing

  • 2x World Champion ( CISM ) 
  • Siberian Champion
  • (ex-wife of Richard Waidhofer)

Hannes Arch | Red Bull Air Race

  • World Campion ( Red Bull Air Race )

Vincent Reffet | The Jetman - Base Jumping

  • Jetman Dubai
  • World Champion 

Nigel Lamb | Red Bull Air Race

  • World Champion ( Red Bull Air Race ) 

Yves Rossi | The Jetman

  • Jetman Dubai

Tobias Arlt & Tobias Wendl | Sleding

  • 6x Olympic Champion OIC ( BSD )
  • 9x World Champion
  • 4x European Champion
  • 5x Junior World Champion

Stefan Thurnbichler | Ski Jumping

  • Member of the national Team Austria ( ÖSV ) 

Thomas Thurnbichler | Ski Jumping

  • World Cup ( ÖSV )
  • National Trainer Ski Jumping "Poland" 

Wolfgang Kindl | Sleding

  • World Cup ( ÖRV )

Matthias Dolderer | Red Bull Air Race

  • World Champion ( Red Bull Air Race )